Covid-19 Guidance

A lot of work has went into getting the gym ready to open and to meet the guidance we have recieved from the Scottish Government. Each member should have received an email with our guidance document, given that the guidance provided by the Scottish Government can and has changed over recent month, we will outline updates and basic information below, and if required issue a new guidance document

General Guidance


Always santise your hands using the available hand santiser on immediately entering the gym

Be on Time

All students must only be dropped off in time for their own class and picked up immediately when class finishes. The red barrier is not to be crossed at anytime

Social Distance

Please social distance from Instructors and other adults while dropping off or collecting students from the gym

Wear a mask

Under current guidance anyone over the age of 12 years entering the gym must wear a facemask or wait outside and someone will come out to speak with you

Before Trainng

Be ready for training, their will be no changing at the gym.

If you can’t tie your own belt leave it at home

Make sure you have your sparring gloves, EVERYONE in ALL classes must have their own set

Securely tie your hair up if required, Instructors will not be able to help with this

Leave in plenty of time, everyone must have their temperature taken and and be registered for class

Before, entering the gym ensure everyone from the last class has left

During Training

Before entering the training area sanitise your hands and feet

Sanitise your sparring gloves

Maintain social distance from other gym members

If you are over 12 years old you must wear a face mask if not on the matted area

After Training

Sanitise your gloves before leaving the training area

Maintain social distance and use common sense when class is over and members are leaving the training area

Leave as quickly as possible to allow clean up of equipment to begin and preperation for the next class

If you are collecting a student please be prompt and for all classes except or Ninjas please consider waiting outside